History and Objectives

The first TENCON conference was held in Hong Kong in 1980. This inaugural conference was organized with a view to having Region 10 – one of the fastest-growing regions within IEEE – more prominently represented in the calendar of IEEE events. Since that time TENCON has become firmly established as a major regional and international activity, and is now an annual event. The conference has been held in over 50% of the countries represented within Region 10. Usually these conferences have addressed broader areas of Engineering and Technology, relevance to countries in the Asia-Pacific region. To ensure high standards of conference organization and management, planning activity typically commences some two-three years before the scheduled date. A summary of some of the past and planned future TENCON conferences is shown in the following table.

IEEE Kerala Section is proud to announce that the IEEE Region 10 flagship Conference will be held in India for the 4th time at Kochi, Kerala..

Year Host Section Place of Events
2018 Seoul Jeju, Korea
2017 Malaysia Penang, Malaysia
2016 Singapore Singapore, Singapore
2015 Macau Macau, China
2014 Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Xi’an Xi’an, China
2012 Philippines Cebu, Philippines
2011 Indonesia Bali, Indonesia
2010 Fukuoka Fukuoka, Japan
2009 Singapore Singapore, Singapore
2008 Hyderabad Hyderabad, India
2007 Tainan/Taipei Taipei, Taiwan
2006 Hong Kong Hong Kong
2005 Victorian Melbourne, Australia
2004 Thailand Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year Host Section Place of Events
2003 Bangalore Bangalore, India
2002 Beijing Beijing, China
2001 Singapore Cruise Liner Super Star Virgo
2000 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1999 Seoul Jeju, Korea
1998 Delhi New Delhi, India
1997 Queensland Gold Coast, Australia
1996 W. Australia Perth, Australia
1995 Hong Kong Hong Kong
1994 Singapore Singapore
1993 Beijing Beijing, China
1992 Victorian Melbourne, Australia
1991 Delhi New Delhi, India
1983 Korea Jeju, Korea
1980 Hong Kong Hong Kong


The major objectives of the TENCON conference series are as follows:

  • To provide a prestigious international forum for specialist presentations and interactions in one or more areas of Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Information technology through papers, exhibitions, plenary talk, tutorials, etc;
  • To contribute to the development, progress and welfare of countries in the Asia-Pacific region by disseminating technological knowledge and experience;
  • To encourage the study and discussion of technology and technological applications in a broad social, political and human context;
  • To polish and boost the interpersonal and professional skills of volunteers with the guidance of leaders and the renowned personalities in the respective field of Engineering & Technology.
  • To enable Sections within Region 10 to develop as mature IEEE entities by accepting the responsibilities of major conference organization.